First Semi-Final Results of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022

This week in Italy, the world’s largest music competition is taking place. The Eurovision song contest is predicted to draw around 200 million viewers from around the globe. Following Maneskin’s victory in the previous year’s competition, 40 countries are competing for the trophy.


For those unfamiliar with the Eurovision song contest, each song must be no longer than three minutes long and can have a maximum of six participants in each performance. Each country has two sets of results: one from a national jury and the other from a public vote.


Every year, only six countries are guaranteed a spot in the Eurovision final, albeit that number has been reduced to five this year. The host country, Italy, is joined by Spain, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Also known as the big five.


/Only 10 countries out of 17 qualified for Saturday’s grand final in the first semi-final. Those were: Switzerland, Armenia, Iceland, Lithuania, Portugal, Norway, Greece, Moldova, Ukraine, and the Netherlands. During Thursday’s second semi-final, ten more countries will be voted into the final. The ‘big five’ will perform in the grand final alongside the other 20 qualified countries, bringing the total number of performers to 25 in the final.


After the results of the second semi-final, the final running order will be announced. Many people believe that the order in which songs are sung has an impact on how well they perform in the voting, with songs performed in the second half having a better chance of remaining in the minds of voters. As a result, the running order is picked from a hat.

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