Fire Emblem Heroes: Winter Dreamland Banner

With the Christmas holiday just around the corner, Fire Emblem Heroes has released its seasonal winter-themed banner called Winter Dreamland. It mainly features a mix of characters from Sacred Stones, a Game Boy Advanced title, alongside characters from Three Houses. Mirabilis from Heroes’ fourth book will also be joining the troupe of featured heroes. You can check out the rest of the featured heroes in the video below!



Now, I can’t remember when the last time a banner didn’t feature a demote, but it’s nice to see a male character not receive the demote treatment. Artur and Manuela both carry one premium and niche skill each. Both also carry a weapon with similar effects, only differing in what defensive stat it grants a bonus to. Artur also features a new variant to the “Save” family of skills; granting bonuses to defense and resistance.

With that said, the other two, more highly-prized, units will still feature waifus as expected. One of them is Mirabilis, as mentioned before. Like her original iteration, she is a dancer unit. Whimsical Dream does a good job of providing extra support through granting bonuses to allies *and* inflicting penalties on foes. Her weapon pairs well with it, as its conditions can be fulfilled by using the skill. The rest of her set isn’t bad either, featuring a new cantrip skill that inflicts speed penalties.

Next up, the main star of the show, the Harmonized duo unit, Lysithea and Lute. Their weapon is a testament to the speed meta. Their stat distribution will likely see excellent speed. Under the right conditions, their weapon will have both a brave and desperation effect, allowing them to quad their opponents. The rest of their set helps alleviate the fragile nature of units like these. It also features a new variant of the recent Feud skill, this time targeting colorless foes.

It seems Intelligent Systems has yet to end its focus towards featuring their more recent title; likely due to its evident success and popularity. And until they release another featured title, Three Houses will likely dominate for a while more. With that, I wish thee summoners the blessing of the RNGods in your pulls!

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