Fire Emblem Heroes: New Chapter & Latest Update Features

The latest FEH Channel has brought news on the latest development of the game. As the game had recently closed the chapter on the previous book, the next one to come has arrived. It places focus once more on the two kingdoms of Askr and Embla.

The return to focus on Askr and Embla may mean the further exploration of the conflict presented in the first book. As usual, the new book brings several new faces to the spotlight. This time they’re Ash and Elm, retainers to the deities of Askr and Embla. Alongside them is Letizia, a member of the royal Emblian family. Also, Ash will be available for the summoner to claim after clearing the first chapter of the new book. There will also be celebration bonuses and rewards for the period of time it will be held in!

A new Awakening-focused banner will also be released alongside the new chapter release, but more on that in another article.

One of the most exciting features being added in the update is Summoner Duels. Long-time players have always desired a higher degree of interaction between other players. And although IS have attempted several ways of appeasing the masses, they’d always fall short. Summoner Duels will be the first-ever game mode in FEH where players face each other in real-time.

The mode will have a chess-like system where each player moves one unit at a time. You gain scores through zone control or by defeating foes. The match ends after five turns or after one team has been wiped out. More detail on the mechanics can be viewed on this video that Nintendo has posted.

Another new feature in the update is the addition of a summoner profile card. These will be accessible for people to see and let them know a little bit about you. The sort and filter functions will see additional categories to help you in finding specific heroes. As Summoner Duels has a version release rule setting, restricting who you can bring, these new filters will greatly help sort that out.

That’s about all the new update has in store for us. I for one am looking forward to seeing how Summoner Duels will go. Best of luck on the field of battle, Summoners!

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