Fire Emblem Heroes: Ash and More

Fire Emblem Heroes’ newest banner features a batch of new heroes from Fire Emblem Awakening. The new banner also features the new original character, Ash. Ash is the retainer of the god Askr and is now available to join the heroes in the next step of their story. The rest of the lineup is filled with Priam, Flavia, and Basilio. You can check them out further on the video below.

As shown in the video, Priam and Ash take most of the spotlight as the two carry premium skills in their base kit. Priam comes equipped with a good Distant Counter weapon, which is somewhat of a rarity. His kit is also stacked with many enviable skills.

Ash’s weapon has an array of effects that come into play under certain conditions. Like Priam, she’s equipped with really good skills. Her unique skill, Opening Retainer, lets nearby allies teleport around her whilst receiving a buff to their attack; a very interesting supporting skill one should definitely experiment with.

The other two characters, Flavia and Basilio, are the Khans of Ferox. With a title like that surely, they must be ferocious fighters. Flavia’s personal weapon is quite decent for countering pesky damage mitigation skills. Between the two, she’s also the one with the better kit. Flavia introduces the new skill Red Feud, which shuts down the skills of non-combatants. Quite similar to Bramimond’s skill, Impenetrable Dark. Unlike Impenetrable Dark, however, Feud skills will have conditions for the effect to apply. Basilio, however, is the demote unit of the banner. His weapon is pretty good though and is inheritable for other units if you so choose.

As the banner is part of a new update, a couple of other characters have made it into the game albeit not featured in the banner. The two are Yen’fay and Miriel. Yen’fay will be attainable through a Grand Hero Battle and is another user of a Distant Counter weapon (rejoice free-to-play players!). As with most free units, his kit is quite lacklustre and will require investment. Miriel will be attainable through quest rewards and is also likely that she’s available as part of the summoning pool.

If you’re excited for any of the new characters in this banner, then may luck be with you, summoner. However, Yen’fay will be the real prize of this batch for those of lesser fortune!

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