Fire Emblem Heroes: Ascended Laegjarn and More

Fire Emblem Heroes has released Muspell’s avatar and champion, Ascended Laegjarn, this Monday. Ascended Heroes were introduced about a month ago with the release of Ascended Fjorm. This will be their second Ascended Hero, and it might be possible to assume they would release one per month. Although, perhaps it might still be too early to tell.

Ascended Laegjarn comes accompanied by a batch of other heroes from the Path of Radiance title. They will even be introducing a new skill already existing in the main games, Lethality. So, let’s see what IS has done with the insta-kill skill while we cover a little on the new characters.


Volke comes equipped with a personal weapon built for offense. Fireman’s Hook grants Volke more power during your turn, or when he’s keeping his distance from allies. It also allows him to neutralize any effects that hamper triggering Special skills. Which, speaking of, Lethality will be comparatively nerfed to its main-line counterpart. The Special skill will be a stronger Luna that can ignore damage mitigation from non-Specials. With a 4-count CD Special and a weapon that can hasten its charge, Volke will be capable of dealing burst damage very frequently. This is quite helpful as dagger users tend to be quite weak. In terms of his overall kit, Volke carries a full premium set of skills anyone would love to get their hands on.


Astrid will also come equipped with a personal weapon, but unlike Volke’s, it will focus on giving support. The Damiell Bow being able to grant Bonus Doubler will make Astrid’s rallies even more potent. Add that to the ability to grant +1 movement to said ally (not including ranged cavalry), and you’ve got yourself a high-tier support unit. There isn’t much to her base kit, however, she does bring in a new Bond skill that buffs Speed and Defense. Not the most premium of skills but still covers a niche for some builds.


Marcia comes with a pretty good inheritable weapon; the Unbound Lance+ packs a built-in improved Lull Atk/Def with some requirements. If one decides not to keep her around, her weapon will make for a really good inheritance option. Aside from that, her kit has many decently good low-budget skills.

Ascended Laegjarn

The main star of the show, Laegjarn. Her weapon, Flame of Muspell is a… mouthful, in regards to its list of effects. But the gist of it is that Laegjarn gets even stronger by having others cheer her; enemies with stat buffs will also feed into her power boost. Under the right circumstances, her weapon will also neutralize follow-up prevention effects. Her kit also has a number of really good premium skills, alongside a new one, Rouse Atk/Spd 4. Like Volke, Ascended Laegjarn can be sought after for just her skills.

In addition to those mentioned above, Tanith will also be entering the roster of heroes, though her skills are yet to be revealed. Do you have an interest in any of these units? Perhaps you’re just after a skill or the Ascendant Floret? Regardless of your reasons, if you do decide to pull, may the RNGods bless you!

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