Finance Company Teaches Apple to Build Electric Cars

British finance company Vanarama gave Apple a hint on how the Apple Car should be made. No half-hearted they immediately made the Apple Car concept car which until now has not been able to be made by the giant technology company from the United States.

Andy Alderson, CEO of Vanarama, was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying that Apple Car first appeared in 2014. At that time, many people had been waiting for the real form of the car made by the company based in Cupertino, United States.

Unfortunately, more than a decade of Apple Car has not come to fruition. That curiosity is what Vanarama is trying to explore. They want to show a little what miracles can be expected from the Apple Car.

“Since the idea was born, Apple Car has immediately become important in the automotive world. This is our way of showing some of the advantages that will exist in Apple Car,” explained Andy Alderson.

Vanarama is not just carelessly making their version of the Apple Car. The process of making the car is actually claimed to use various patent information that has been registered by Apple as the stages of making a car. From these patents, Vanarama developed the manufacturing process into a complete car.

In addition, they are also trying to take the main design lines that Apple does in making their various flagship products such as MacBook, MacPro, iPhone and so on. Various designs that already exist in Apple products are then tried to be incorporated into the Vanarama version of the Apple Car. This can be seen when Vanarama made the Apple Car grille which is similar to the Apple MacPro design.

“We collect all patents that have been filed by Apple and then combine them with existing Apple designs. The result is our interpretation of the Apple Car.” says Andy Alderson.

Vanarama also maintains various advantages that exist in Apple products in the concept car. One of them is Apple’s signature intelligent voice assistant technology, Siri. Another technology is smart phone detection. So car users don’t need to connect their iPhone to Apple Car.

All features and data on the cellphone will automatically be connected once the car owner enters the cabin. The presence of the Vanarama version of the Apple Car is indeed a breath of fresh air for big Apple fans. Because the Apple Car project itself seems adrift. Many people who filled important positions in the project left. Apple itself has difficulty finding partners in the automotive world to help realize the Apple Car project.

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