Fighting My Own Enemy

Doing some review, it has come to light on the vulnerability level the nursing staff is facing, not to mention the trauma they are dealing with exceeds the level of stress, which is indefinitely bad for reshaping and retooling in a more mature maintained system.


More importantly, being part of the budget cuts, many are still working to support their everyday routine.


To be more encouraging, the nurses have provided more adequate care to patients, acquiring their time for approximately twelve hours a day, giving them less incentive to work, due to mild to brief toxic behavior.


In accordance with bill 124, the takeaway was labeled a wage freeze amid staff shortages.



For an encouraging suggestion, the more mature active system at its best would be able to attract students from around the world to encourage the take itself for help encouraging the education process as well.


Taking the time to learn of these consequences was indeed a heartfelt cry for attention at the hospital process at best a plea for change.


In nature, nurses deal with up to one-hundred and fifteen patients per year, give or take, but still have a crippling effect on the industry, with patients lashing out, dying in traumatizing fashion, also, constant physical abuse.


The main concern at this point is to fill hospitals with nurses, especially attracting foreign students.



The integrity of the system depends on the type of response dedicated to helping ease the painful onslaught of healthcare workers.


For the most part that is dwelling is that the hope is still there and could be solved at an appropriate level maintaining the system and the trade and its value once again.


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