Fewer Candidates To Replace Solskjaer: Brendan Rodgers Refuses To Leave Leicester City

The market for a replacement for Manchester United coach, Ole Gunner Solskjaer, is running low, after Brendan Rodgers, who is currently in charge of Leicester City, is reportedly reluctant to move clubs.

As is being hotly reported, Solksjaer’s position is under threat following a series of bad results received by Manchester United during this season. Most recently, they occupied the sixth position in the standings by collecting 17 points from eleven matches.

These bad results make Manchester United increasingly far from its target: Winning the Premiere League. Solskjaer also has no reason to dodge, because Manchester United now has a line of quality players on every line.

No wonder his name continues to be rumored to be fired with the rise of the #oleout hashtag. The club is reportedly still providing support to the Norwegian coach. But there is no guarantee that his position will remain safe if bad results come back.

The issue surrounding Solskjaer’s replacement at Manchester United continues to circulate until now. However, the candidates are running low. Antonio Conte has already joined Tottenham and Zinedine Zidane is not yet interested in returning to the pitch.

Rodgers, who helped Leicester City to a 4-2 win over the Red Devils in October, has also been mentioned in some rumors. Moreover, it is known that in the contract there is a release clause that can be activated at any time.

However, the release clause is useless if Rodgers himself is reluctant to leave King Power Stadium. And according to a Eurosport report, Rodgers is known to want to spend the 2021/22 season with Leicester City.

Rodgers is reluctant to leave the Foxes in the middle of the season and is optimistic about being able to present a trophy in the Europa League. This belief emerged after Leicester City won the FA Cup last season.

Last week, Rodgers also once expressed his intention to stay at Leicester City. He is not at all bothered by the issues linking him with Manchester United and remains focused on his work.

“My focus has always been here, with Leicester, and on developing the club and being a title contender. The director, staff, and players all share the same vision.”

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