Ferrari’s SP51 Is a One-off Sleeker Topless Version of the 812 GTS

Ferrari recently revealed the SP51, a one-off roadster version of the 812 GTS built by their Special Projects division that is permanently topless, as it has no convertible mechanism whatsoever. Although the roof may not be a necessity, as it is said that its buyer is a loyal collector of Ferraris from Taiwan.

Credit should be given where it’s due, it looks quite terrific with a little off the top. The smoother, less aggressive bespoke body is painted in Rosso Passionale, with a matching interior. The stripe is a homage to the 410 S model from 1955, which also continues on the insides as part of the rear firewall and stitching. The wheels are also custom, despite it looking like a dealership option. The SP51 features a transverse carbon wing on its rear flying buttresses, which, according to the Italians, is inspired by targa designs of the 1960s that adds to safety and the roof’s strength. It still runs the 812’s 6.5-liter, 789 horsepower V12 with no alterations whatsoever. Ferrari did admit encountering issues with aerodynamics and driver comfort of the roofless 812; concerns that would be valid if the SP51 was a production car, which it isn’t. We doubt that it would even go above Taiwan’s speed limits, considering its likely status as a garage queen.


p class=”MsoNormal”>The retro-centered aesthetics that were specified as part of the collector’s demands does spice up the car quite well, blending its undeniably-modern looks with bits of yesteryear. A shame that it is a neat piece that will serve as eye candy to its owner for most of its life, with minimal chances of public appearances.


(Images sourced from Ferrari)

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