Ferrari Purosangue: The Italian Manufacturer’s First Production ‘Four-Door’


Italian manufacturer Ferrari is the latest to include an SUV as part of their lineup, a move that saved Porsche decades ago thanks to the Cayenne. While other companies have since made their own takes on the class due to its undeniably high sales, Ferrari seems to be holding out for as long as they could. Perhaps they are well aware of the thought that SUVs from a company that sells sports cars are often considered a fall from grace. That being said, the Purosangue isn’t quite like its competitors.

Being the first production SUV and 4 door production car of the brand, it boasts suicide doors and fastback styling, the latter of which is similar to the older F12 and 812 Superfast models. Speaking of the 812, it’s quite hard to unsee the fact that the newcomer looks like an enlarged version with some revisions on the front and black overfenders. Performance wise, it will be powered by a 6.5-liter F140IA V12; quite unexpected knowing how most of its contenders settle for a V8 at best. Paired with an 8-speed automatic, it is all-wheel drive and makes 715 horsepower. It is also marketed as a four-door, and the word ‘SUV’ cannot be found anywhere on Ferrari’s site. While it is clearly an SUV, perhaps the manufacturer isn’t quite ready to admit it yet. The name is also derived from a horse breed. How fitting.

The SUV wasn’t really dropped out of nowhere, as Ferrari confirmed they were working on one since 2018. From a business perspective, it would make much more sense to introduce a model that makes money, regardless of its class/category. Not only would it provide more funds for the business, the success of its sales could go towards developments of more exciting models that petrolheads would appreciate better, so best to count it as a blessing.

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