Fans Went Wild Over KinnPorsche Twitter Space-Here’s What Happened!

The awaited “KinnPorsche the Series Twitter Space” from 20.00–21.00 (GMT+7) was finally held on July 7, 2022, where fans could ask questions regarding KinnPorsche the Series on Twitter with the hashtag #KPinTwitterSpace.

Fans were excited as the cast from KinnPorsche could answer any questions they had regarding the series in the Twitter space, which resulted in over 90K listeners.


Here are a few things that happened during the space if you missed it!


1.  Technical Issues

Be on Cloud ran into several technical issues when hosting the space, resulting in the space getting delayed for around 10-15 minutes. Not only fans were confused but the cast as well as they made several humorous tweets regarding the situation to lighten the mood.


2.  Tong ended up hosting the space

Due to the delay, Tong Thayanut – the actor of Tankhun Theerapanyakul – ended up hosting the space and saving the day! The official space ended up being hosted by Tong Thayanut.


3.  KinnPorsche The Series World Tour Ticketing Information

The cast gave some additional information regarding the ticketing for the livestream of the upcoming KinnPorsche Series World Tour 2022. There will be two types of tickets with the same price of 888 baht:

  • Livestream tickets: tickets for the online livestream ONLY

  • Rerun tickets: only available for watching the rerun of the world tour during a specific period and will expire once the time has run out


4.  Bible and Perth as the English translators

As the cast was mainly speaking in Thai during the space, Bible Wichapas Summettikul (as Vegas) and Perth Stewart Nakhuntanagarn Screaigh (as Ken) helped translate information into English for international fans!

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