Fans Question Son Naeun’s Upcoming Drama That Makes Him Not Promote With Apink


Apink has just finished their promotions for the special album Horn which is a special album that marks the tenth anniversary of their career.


Despite achieving various successes, Apink’s comeback this time caused a disappointment for fans because Son Naeun was not involved in promotional activities.


Son Naeun through her agency, YG Entertainment, reasoned that the artist could not participate in promotional activities because of the conflicting schedule that had been previously scheduled.


The agency reasoned that Son Naeun would be undergoing a new project, namely the process of filming her latest drama. However, until now the agency has not announced what the latest drama will be starring Son Naeun.


On a South Korean online community portal, a netizen made a post asking what new drama Naeun will be starring in, so her schedule clashes with Apink’s schedule.


“To be honest, isn’t this situation ridiculous? He said that he would come back with the group during a fan meeting, but then he suddenly had another schedule,” said a netizen quoted by SeputarTangsel.Com from allkpop on Thursday, March 17, 2022.


“I don’t understand why he doesn’t participate in promotional activities when he doesn’t have other schedules,” wrote another netizen


However, some fans were seen defending the favorite artist, saying that Son Naeun must have a good reason, which made her unable to participate in Apink’s promotional activities.


“He must have had his own reasons for not being able to participate. Naeun can’t decide whether she wants to participate on her own,” defended one netizen.


Until now, there has been no news about the upcoming drama or film that will be starring Son Naeun. The last time Son Naeun was involved in the drama Ghost Doctor, which was completed was in February 2022.


While Apink’s promotion itself lasts about a month, from February 14, 2022, to early March 2022.


In the special album celebrating Apink’s tenth year of career, Son Naeun was only involved in the recording and photoshoot process.

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