Famed Philosopher Predicts Imminent Danger


Noam Chomsky has been in the business of life for a while. He wrote his first article for his school paper at the age of ten; today, at 93, he is one of the world’s most-cited scholars. And he has a message for humanity: Things are about to get dangerous.


Speaking to the New Statesman, Chomsky touched on several subjects. Retaining a youthful radicalism despite his advancing age, he spoke about Ukraine, the Republican party, the potential return of Donald Trump, and more.


Regarding Ukraine, he spoke of his familial connection to the country- Chomsky is the son of Jewish Ukrainian immigrants- as well as about the monstrosity of the conflict; he also speculated on both Putin’s motivations for the invasion as well as how the West might seek to understand those motivations.


Speaking on another issue, Brexit, he stated that he thought it was a disaster and speculated on what it would mean for Britain’s Conservative Party in the future.


Portland, Oregon/United States-August 22, 2020: Conservative people from the far right movement, Proud Boys, and Boogaloo join for a "Back the Blue" rally.


On Trump, his thoughts grew more serious. He recalled listening to radio coverage of Hitler’s speeches in his youth and his ability to understand the frightening mood associated with them. He then spoke on the modern fanaticism of Trump rallies and the similarities to Nazi speeches, warning us that that is what society might be facing.


In the future overall, however, he maintained a message of hope. He pointed out that there are plenty of members of the younger generations who are outraged by the actions of their elders, that their anger is rightly placed, and that the fact that those young people are dedicated to stopping the chaos is evidence that there is still hope for the future.


Bottom line? We can still save ourselves before the chaos consumes us.

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