Facts We Know About Love & Wish K-Drama Starring GOT7’s Youngjae

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GOT7’s Youngjae will star in a drama, Love & Wish, with Ha Eun Byul from the Penthouse. Here are some facts that we know about the K-drama so far:

  1. The story is adapted from a webtoon and it is about love and friendships between high school students.
  1. Besides having Youngjae and Choi Yebin, we will also get to see actor Yoo Jaesang.

  2. Choi Yebin is going to play the character of Son Daeun, a high school student.

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  1. Son Daeun is a 17-year-old girl who has just moved to a new apartment in Seoul.

  2. Son Daeun is going to fall in love with her neighbor-classmate at first sight.

  3. Meanwhile, Youngjae is going to play a high school student named Kim Seunghyu.

  4. Kim Seunghyu is a quiet and mysterious boy who Son Daeun is going to have a crush on.

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  1. Daeun is going to find out about a bullying scandal that Seunghyu is involved in as time goes, which is probably going to be the main conflict of the show.

  2. Love & Wish will be aired starting from December 24, 2021.

According to this article, the drama is a teen romance work depicting fresh love, friendship, and growing pain of adolescent high school students.

In the released video, the first meeting between Son Da-eun (Choi Ye-bin) and Kim Seung-hye (Choi Young-jae) was drawn, heralding a fresh love. Son Da-eun (Choi Ye-bin) announced the start of a full-fledged teen romance, saying, “Can I tell you again? I like you”, and captured the hearts of prospective viewers by foretelling the hidden heartbreaking growing pain of Kim Seung-hye (Choi Young-jae).

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Stay tuned! Love and Wish will be released on streaming platforms at 10 am on the 24th of December!

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