Eye Health and Care.


The eyes are like windows. Windows are the channel through which light enters a house. Without windows, a house will be plunged into darkness unless of course if an external source of light is employed.


In the same vein, living things see through the eyes. Without the eyes, an organism would be in darkness and be unable to navigate the world. It is even said that the eyes are the beauty of any organism.


Being very delicate, the eyes need to be given utmost care and protection. Take the following steps to maintain your eye health.


  • Have a good diet

Every external part of the body is a reflection of the inner part of the body. What we take into our body most times show off in the visible parts of the body. This is why you have to eat well to maintain a healthy eye. Lutein, zinc, vitamin C and E, and omega 3 are examples of nutrients that help to protect against eye problems.


  • Wear sunshades

Many a time, the sun gives off ultraviolet rays that are too powerful for the eyes. Too much of exposure to these rays may trigger certain eye defects like cataracts. The use of sunglasses anytime one is out in the sun will prevent this from happening.


  • Avoid smoking

Smoking of any kind increases the probability of one developing eye-related diseases such as muscular degeneration or cataracts. Smoking can also damage the optic nerve which is important for an healthy eye sight. It is therefore advisable to avoid or stop smoking to maintain the eyes.


  • Always wear protective eyewear

If you work in a factory or construction site, it is important that you endeavour to put on protective eyewear that will protect the eyes from potential harm. Always make sure your eyes are protected even while working in your home or doing repairs.


  • Do not stare at a computer or phone screen for too long

If you work with a computer, try to look away from the screen every 20 minutes.


  • Do not sit too close to the Television

Everyone needs to take the eye health seriously by going for eye tests and exams often. This will help to detect any disorder early, especially for the diseases that do not show warning signs.

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