Experience Space On Earth

Happy International Day of Human Space Flight!

Humanity has always yearned for the stars, and some of us have reached them; for most of us, however, our feet remain firmly planted on the ground, with our eyes turned forever upward.


Here are five experiences that can give us a taste of the experiences to be had among the stars:


Join the Planetary Society

Planetary Society logo.png

In the words of Planetary Society CEO Bill Nye, when you become a member of the Planetary Society, you join their mission to increase discoveries in our solar system and beyond. As a member, you will help elevate the search for extraterrestrial life and protect planet Earth from things like potential asteroid impacts, and you’ll also get a lot of swag! Other benefits include a magazine subscription to The Planetary report, invites to special events, and the opportunity to have your name sent to space on select space missions!


Visit the Adler Planetarium

Adler external 1.jpg

Located in Chicago, Illinois, the Adler Planetarium connects people with the universe, whether those people are school children, research teams, staff members, or even just regular visitors. Hosting more than half-a-million visitors annually, they enrich peoples’ lives not only with exhibits, but also experiences like youth programs, skywatching events, online science, and more.


Lost in Space Escape Room Game

Why not combine your love of space with an Escape Room experience? This virtual Escape Room has you trying to discover what went wrong on your spaceship and how you and your team are going to solve the problem before the oxygen supply runs out. To participate in the experience, you’ll need two hours, a laptop or a PC, and a team you can work with to find your way out!


Stargaze through an Apollo 11 Telescope

Located in Berthoud, Colorado, Little Thompson Observatory is the perfect place to study the stars. With two telescopes, two constellation walls, and guides who know their stuff, experiencing the universe has never been so fulfilling. Highlights include stories about the observational equipment as well as a hand-painted map of Lakota constellations.


Learn About Space with an Astronomer

This is an Airbnb experience unlike any other. You’ll get the chance to speak with a professional astronomer, use your imagination, and expand your knowledge! The experience starts with a fun true or false game, then continues with discussions and questions. No previous knowledge is needed, just enthusiasm and a passion for learning!

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