Expect the Unexpected: BTS’ V and RM Reveal Their Upcoming Mixtape Release:


The past week has been so wild for the BTS ARMY since V and RM just announced that they will release their mixtape within this year.


This will be V’s first and highly anticipated mixtape since he has been sharing his works for the past two years with the fans.


From Twitter to Instagram and not to forget to mention In the Soop Season 1, V has been teasing us with a lot of his song snippets. On ‘In the Soop Season 1’—an eight-episode reality show that features BTS members’ daily activity during rest/vacation—there is one scene where V played his song, entitled Blue & Grey when he was chilling on a canoe by the lake.


That song immediately captured the BTS ARMY’s heart and received a lot of love. During their BE album comeback live broadcast, he revealed that Blue & Grey was supposed to be in his mixtape but turned out to be featured on the band’s album, BE which was released on November 20th, 2020.


V explained the backstory of how Blue & Grey ended up in BE album


Back in December 2021, after each member of BTS got their own personal Instagram, V has been actively shared his daily life with the fans. One of them is a snippet of the song that the fans called “Travel with Me”. With the background of Hawaii, V drove the car while vibing to the song. It is a perfect drive song with an easy-listening melody but sweet and romantic lyrics.

Unfortunately, we could not hear that song on the mixtape since V explained that all songs that he had uploaded before will not be featured on his mixtape. But we should not be sad, V surely will give many more masterpieces to us in his upcoming works.


Three days after V announced his mixtape release, RM joined the club by commenting on a fan’s post on Weverse—their platform for interacting with fans—that his mixtape might be released within this year too.


This will be RM’s third mixtape since RM and mono. The previous two mixtapes have very different music styles and stories. ‘RM’ was his debut mixtape that just celebrated its 7th anniversary on March 20th, 2022.  During RM’s interview with Hiphopplaya on March 24th, 2015, RM explained.


“If you look at the album cover, my face is divided in black and white. I wanted to show that I was two-faced. I’m positive at some times and then negative at other times. I speak of hopes at some points and then forget about it later. You can just see it as something I made by pulling out the various rooms inside myself. I wanted to express the thought of, “There’s this many sides inside of me, but in the end, this is me, and you who’s listening to this is just you too.” I normally enjoyed India Arie’s ‘Just Do You’. It’s a song that gave a lot of comfort to me when I felt confused. I believe that the message of this song gave a lot of influence on this mixtape. That’s why the song that represents the entire message for this mixtape is ‘Do You’.”


(Translation credit: Yasuis (@ryuveiys) at Tumblr | Interview source: HIPHOPPLAYA )


Meanwhile his second mixtape—mono—has a very different style from his debut mixtape. If the mixtape must be described with one word, it would be ‘comfort’. RM explained the essence of the title “mono” on his RM MONO behind a live broadcast on VLive.


“The title “mono”, as many of you expected, can mean black and white which is the most obvious thought too. The word mono is great because it also can mean “alone” or “one”. Words like a monologue, monopoly, and monodrama carry that meaning. When mono is stuck with another meaning, it starts to have this intrinsic characteristic. And as you all know, it is kind of the opposite of the stereotype. So when I was looking over the playlist, I thought that there would be no better title than “mono”…. I think it’s the best title that can bring all the tracks together.”


He also added, “If I were to define this playlist on my own, it’s something that defines RM from between 2016 and early 2018. There’s a reason mono and the releasing of it is so meaningful for me,” as he continued to explain about his past self who always wear black, grey, and white along with his furniture and studio space, it all was full of black, grey, and white color until he reached that one point of realization that he needs more colors in his life. The mixtape itself consists of seven songs and features other artists such as HONNE, eAeon, and NELL. If you haven’t listened to this masterpiece, then it is your time now. Dive into the calmness and warmth of mono and that’s how you will find comfort in it.


Other than that, earlier this year, on BTS’ 2022 Season Greetings, j-hope also revealed his plan to release a new mixtape in 2022. BTS’ Jimin is also confirmed to participate in tvN upcoming K-drama—Our Blues—official soundtrack and the drama will air starting on April 9th, 2022.


On the first list of "2022 j-hope's Keyword", j-hope wrote #j-hope's_newmusic as his 2022 goal


When is exactly the release date will be? We have no clue. Just like other releases by BTS, there is no prior notice about their upcoming release, except the teaser that suddenly drops at midnight KST or the fans usually call this period ‘twelvehitphobia’—a fear of 12 am kst, thinking Bighit will drop something (Urban Dictionary).


So, from now on, let’s stay alert, wait for every 12 AM KST to see if today is THE day, and expect the unexpected.

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