Exam Week is Finally Over. Now, What?


The final week is finally over. A week full of sleepless nights, glasses of coffee, and lecture papers. Now, what?


Have you ever felt a bunch of desire to do this and that during exam week and once it’s over, you don’t know what to do? You are not alone. We all must have been experiencing that kind of feeling, at least once in a lifetime.


Then, what should I do? Here are some activities that you can do after a draining exam week.


Clean your study space and room

Cleaning? Do we have the energy for that? After this hell week? Of course, we do! For some people, after the exam finished, they feel much more in ease. It feels like the burden on their shoulder is lifted so they have a lot of energy.


Look around your study space and room. What a mess. During exam, we usually have no time to clean our space because of the non-stop studying time.


So, you can use this time to clean your space. Those lecture papers, notes, flashcards, let’s put it back to its place.


After cleaning, you will feel refreshed to see their clean and tidy space. It will give you a satisfactory feeling. At least, before you receive your final exam score, you already can see the perfect result from your cleaning work.


Sleep, sleep, sleep

Let’s repay all those sleepless nights. After a week full of sleep deprivation, now you can sleep as much as you want. The sleep that you’ve been longing for since a long time, now it’s all yours. Use this time to recharge your energy and come back stronger!


Take a walk

This past week has been so fast and intense, right? Now it’s your time to take it slow and enjoy every second of your day. Take a walk around your neighborhood while enjoying the morning or afternoon view. Move that body because you have been lacking movement during the exam week.


Reward yourself

Self-reward is something that we all need, right? At least after a week full of exam. Buy the thing you want, eat the food that you’ve been craving for, go to places that you’ve never been before. But don’t forget about self-control so you won’t overspend.


Those four activities will help you to restore your energy, mind, and soul after the restless exam week. Ready to try one or even all of it?

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