Every Building Milestone in Animal Crossing: Paradise Planning.


Paradise Planning is the featured add-on for the popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons game on the Nintendo Switch. It costs around £25 to buy, or you can download it for free with a Nintendo Switch Online membership that includes expansion packs.


The game aims to design vacation homes for villagers, using the concepts they come up with. You can design a home to your own taste, but the villager may not be as happy with it, so you may not earn as much Poki (the in-game currency).


As you progress through the game, you will unlock certain milestones on the vacation island, which then further unlocks hidden features. We will elaborate on the hidden features in another post, but today we will look at the milestones that unlock each of the island facilities.


There are five facilities in total: the school, a cafe, a restaurant, a hospital, and an apparel shop. You can have villagers with vacation homes work at any of these facilities, and receive exclusive items that you can’t get in New Horizons.


To unlock the school, you must have successfully completed 6 vacation homes.


To unlock the cafe and restaurant, you must complete 12 vacation home designs. The cafe and restaurant unlock at the same time, but you can only begin with one. The other can be designed once the first is finished.


To unlock the hospital, you must have had 25 clients and completed their vacation homes.


Finally, to unlock the apparel shop, you must have completed 30 home designs. The apparel shop also comes with unique clothing designs not found at the Able Sisters’ Tailor Shop.


You can design as many homes as you like every day, so you may unlock everything within a few days of playing the game.


Let us know how long it takes you to hit all of these milestones in the comments!


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