Even Hunt: Showdown Gets An Adaptation

Hey, guess what!
Even Hunt: Showdown is getting a TV adaptation!

After The Last of Us and many others, Hunt: Showdown is also getting a live-action TV adaptation. In contrast to other adaptations, Hunt is coming to Binge.

Binge is a platform dedicated to gamers and will have shows inspired by video games and content creators. Founder of Binge, Avni Yerli, gave some of his thoughts on the Crytek website.

“We have always known that Hunt: Showdown would look great as a live-action series. The world is dark, gritty, and immersive, and there is so much potential for many great stories to be told. We can’t wait to see what the team at Binge can create.”

Hunt‘s unique setting, where bounty hunters compete to kill mythical monsters, gave them an idea to make it into a series. They even plan to make it tense and full of adrenaline, just like the game.

Hunt: Showdownis a heart-pumping survival game with incredible lore that’s ripe for a live-action series adaptation,” Producer Vince Talenti said. “We’re excited to drop viewers deep into the bayou and have them come face to face with monsters and hunters alike.”

Fans received the original game well with its multiplayer experience and unpredictability. However, who knows how it will actually turn out.

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