Euthanasia in Thailand 2021

Have you heard about euthanasia before? For the patients, euthanasia is often known as mercy killing. The patient in address would regularly be terminally sick or encountering extraordinary torment and suffering. The word “euthanasia” comes from the Greek words “eu” (good) and “thanatos” (death). There are a number of reasons why euthanasia should be made a legal choice in every country.

To begin with, euthanasia can help those who are suffering from incurable illnesses. This alternative will aid those who have been in excruciating agony due to their sickness. In Belgium, for example, almost 2600 people were euthanized to end their suffering. Patients will no longer have to consider themselves a burden to their families. Because not every family can afford lengthy ineffective therapy, this is one of the solutions available to them.

Second, everyone should be able to make their own decisions. Because every patient should not be forced to endure from discomfort while dealing with their illnesses. Patients have their own views on whether or not to end their lives. A person’s right to refuse medical treatment is unalienable.

Finally, euthanasia will assist caregivers. Family members will not be saddened to see their loved one deteriorate as time passes and their illness worsens. Furthermore, the family will no longer be responsible for costly medical bills.

As you’ve read, the patients, caretakers will benefit from it. what’s more important is that the patients should have the right to choose.

However, in Thailand 2021, according to the national laws, euthanasia hasn’t been legalized yet. Due to the fact that thai society regard it as a suicidal attempt which is against their beliefs as buddhists.

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