Eurovision 2022: Odds Bright for Vibrant UK Entry Sam Ryder


Eurovision – the musical competition that features the most creative, wacky, and meme-worthy songs that the globe has to offer. Last year’s competition took place in Rotterdam, located in the Netherlands, and Italy’s Måneskin won with their riotous song ‘Zitti e Buoni‘. The winning country gets the honor of hosting the next event, so this year Eurovision is taking place in Turin.


The UK entry often faces a lot of negativity, criticism, and ridicule from both the Internet and other countries. There is a history of the UK coming either last or close to it for many years, but it seems as if this year they may have a fighting chance to reach the top. Enter Sam Ryder; a viral TikTok star who found fame singing covers during the lockdown in 2020.


Bookies currently predict that he will come 3rd overall in the competition thanks to his catchy song ‘Spaceman‘ and his popular personality that has resonated with people all over the world via social media. If this prediction is correct, it will be a big improvement on last year’s entry James Newman, who ended up with zero points for his song Embers from both the judges and the international vote.


Right now the favorites to win are Ukraine’s entry Kalush Orchestra after they successfully qualified for the final with their haunting hit ‘Stefania‘. The final is set to be aired on Saturday 14th of May, so get your flags, scorecards, snacks, and drinks ready for one of the biggest musical events of the year!


Let us know in the comments whether you’ll be watching and who you’re planning to vote for!

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