Euphoria Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

It’s less than three days to Euphoria Sunday and it’s already the halfway mark of season 2 – and it’s already been a season full of broken hearts and broken friendships. Here’s the recap of Season 2 Episode 6:

It begins with a slow start of Rue struggling to open up a wrapped piece of candy, her hands trembling and jittery from the effects of resisting a relapse.

In an attempt to coming clean again, she regrets saying those hurtful words to Ali in the previous episode, and gives him a call. Fortunately, Ali sees her act of repentance and forgives Rue.

On the other side, Maddy seems composed even in the aftermaths of finding out that her best friend, Cassie was hooking up with her ex-boyfriend Nate – and is venting her frustrations to Kat who sympathetically understands her wish to murder both Cassie and Nate.

Cassie who was all deer caught in the headlights on the previous episode, spent the whole episode having her crying and screaming tantrums in her home to the dismay of both her mom and Lexi – her sister.

Nate seems more worried about Maddy than Cassie, as a cross Maddy is someone not to be messed with. With Cal (Nate’s dad) gone, he openly drinks with his mom who he shares a mutual dislike of Cal.

In a surprising turn of events, Nate sneaks in Maddy’s room and threatens her that he’ll shoot himself with a revolver if Maddy doesn’t give Nate the CD that contains Cal (Nate’s dad) sleeping with Jules, a minor.

In the end, Nate got his CD – leaving a crying and threatened Maddy on her bed, Kat breaking up with her boyfriend – Ethan, and Rue’s mother in despair as she couldn’t find a spot for Rue in rehab.

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