Epic Games Has No Plans to Release Fortnite to Steam Deck

Fortnite is one of the games with the largest player base in the world. However, Epic Games seems to have closed the ability to play this game on the Steam deck. This was announced by Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney in a tweet on Twitter. Stating that there are no plans to update Fortnite to run on SteamOS.

Quoting from PC Gamer, the tweet comes after Twitter user Storm178 asked about Fortnite’s plans and the introduction of EasyAntiCheat and BattlEye to run on Proton. “Fortnite doesn’t, but there is a huge effort being made to maximize EasyAntiCheat compatibility with Steam,” Sweeney said in response to the question.

When asked why, Epic Games replied: “We don’t have the confidence to be able to combat cheating on a large scale under a variety of kernel configurations including custom ones.

SteamOS based on Linux

Quoting from The Verge, Steam Deck uses Valve’s Linux-based SteamOS and uses a compatibility layer called Proton to allow Steam games compiled for Windows to run on this device. Epic Games has developed EasyAntiCheat, an anti-cheat software that is compatible with Linux and Proton. So developers using it will be able to get their games working on the Steam Deck without any issues.

Steam Deck (source : Game Informer).

But until Epic Games becomes one of those developers, at least with Fortnite. However, the ability for Steam Deck owners to play Fortnite on their device is not closed at all. One loophole is installing Windows on your computer. In 2021, Sweeney praised the Steam Deck as “Valve’s amazing move.” At the time, he praised Steam Deck as an open platform where users were free to install any software they wanted.

The release of Steam Deck

Valve has announced that the Steam Deck’s release will begin on February 25, 2022. The page states, “On February 25th we will email the reservation owner the first batch of reservations“. Customers have 3 days from the date. Before they receive the payment email for their reservation; to be transferred to another person on the waiting list. “The first units will be on their way to customers starting on the 28th, and we plan to release batches of new order emails on a weekly schedule,” Steam said.

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