Environmentalists Damaging Cars: What’s Your Point Again?



Welcome to the near-end of 2022: COVID still lurks, worldwide inflation could be nearing, Kanye West is out of his mind, and all iconic cars are getting axed. To add to the less-than-ideal post-apocalyptic prologue, so-called environmentalists have taken action to either glue themselves to cars, block highways, and vandalize dealerships.




It’s a laughable trend; a few have glued themselves to the grounds of a Volkswagen Showroom. The staff simply closed up shop, turned off the lights, and left them to their own devices. They gave up when they needed the loo, calling them inhuman for leaving them to protest, stuck to the floors. Some others have glued their hands to several Ferraris at the Paris Motor Show, one of them being the notorious Mondial. While it isn’t clear who owns the red horses on display, it’ll be quite unfortunate if those were private-owned. Then again, all of the three cars, even the Mondial, have enough power to take them for a taxi lap around a track, assuming the glue is strong enough to hold their hands.



The most recent attacks are on several showrooms in the UK. Spray painting the display windows with orange paint and all. Because at the end of the day, it’s not the companies they target that will see the effects of their action; it’s the window cleaners. While you have certainly given them a job, you’ve made an unnecessary mess for them to clean up. Well done.



Weirdly enough, not one of them have been arrested for counts of vandalism or the like. A good protest shows the message clearly and is impactful enough without or leaving little hindrance to unrelated parties or the public. Whether or not it succeeds is another thing. There is no observable message in committing literal crimes and bringing damages to a property of the targeted industry. Not only is it childish and ineffective, it brings a bad name to a cause that is inevitably flawed. It almost seems like a stunt all done for clout. If that was what they aimed for, they certainly had their five minutes of fame. Publicity is publicity, we suppose?



The world as it is relies on vehicular transport. Yes, electrification will come in a decade or three. Then everyone continues the same cycle of protesting on another thing. When electricity shortage hits, or when they discover that power plants are one source for the juice in charging stations. Technology hasn’t found a way to make the batteries affordable enough for the average Joe to have them in their cars, and until they do, electric cars will remain a novelty. 


No, not every business has the capital to switch their trucks to Tesla’s. Sure, some new EVs may have enough torque to carry the load of a lighter lorry, at least until the weight reduces the range in half; and that’s being optimistic. And unless everyone is alright with late packages, foodstock deliveries and all that, we are still decades away until we get to an ideal stage of life for one of these protestors. That’s assuming WW3 or mass inflation won’t kill funding for an eco-friendly world, so dream on, ‘environmentalists.’



p dir=”ltr”>(Images sourced from Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion)

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