End of Covid Restrictions in Hawaii


One of the best-known tourist spots in the United States is Hawaii, which since Covid-19 required the use of face masks in both open and enclosed spaces.


The last day of this requirement is March 26, as the Covid-19 mask mandate in the United States will end. Hawaii Governor David Ige said that cases and hospitalizations are decreasing to such a degree that the average number of new cases in the last few days is 140, while a week earlier, it was up to 300 a day. Yesterday, 48 patients were hospitalized with the virus. It was marked as the first time in these two years that the number of hospitalizations is less than 50.


Governor Ige said he believes that the Hawaiian culture is a factor in the decrease of cases. Since they always look to take care of the “kupuna,” or elderly in Hawaiian. He said, “I think we are the last community to release the mask mandate because we care about each other, and we care about our community, and we are all willing to sacrifice to keep each other healthy and safe.”


On the same March 26, Hawaii will also lift the quarantine requirement for travelers, and those arriving on domestic flights will also not need proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test.


Although it will no longer be mandatory, the mask will still be recommended for use in schools and hospitals, among others. The state epidemiologist assured that many citizens will continue to wear masks.

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