“#EmmysSoWhite” Trends Over Racial Divisiveness At this Year’s Emmys

The Emmys have been known for many years for celebrating the actors and actresses in the series. Acknowledging the accomplishments of the greatest and most popular tv series in the country has made celebrities rise and fall in status. An Emmy as an award is an ego boost for any actor/actress who wishes to make it in Hollywood. The sister award of the Oscars has driven the best of Hollywood to strive for an acknowledgment of this magnitude. 


Unfortunately, the history of the Emmys has not always been inclusive. With many actresses and actors blocked from the award show due to race, it wasn’t until a few decades ago that the award show decided to allow actors from all races to be invited and even be nominated. 


That does not mean that there still has not been a divide in the equal fairness of the awards. Even though many actors/actresses of different races get nominated each year for the Emmys, the amount that has been allowed to win an award is alarmingly low. 


This was made once again abundantly clear this year, as the hosts and hostesses for this year’s Emmy were shown to be the most diverse the award show had ever seen. But the number of people of color who won an award was so low that it triggered an upset reaction from viewers. With the hashtag #EmmysSoWhite trending on Twitter, people were aware of just how unequal the wins of the Emmys this year were. 


With the top awards of the show going to all white actors and actresses, it was clear to the audience that the people of color who were nominated along with their white counterparts were not exactly seen as equals. 

The award show has yet to comment on the disparaging percent of wins per race, but social media users are pushing for a more diverse amount of wins for future Emmy awards by bringing awareness to the unequal treatment.

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