Emergence of Blockchain Technology and its Face in Gaming

Blockchain technology can be summed up as being a public digital ledger. It uses a peer to peer connecting network. Each transaction in the digital ledger gets authorized by the owner using their digital signature; this authenticates the transaction and safeguards it from tampering. Luckily means that the digital ledger is highly secure but the data can be viewed by anyone. Source: SimpliLearn

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The Emergence

The growth of blockchain technology comes from trying to address some problems that are still relevant today. Traditionally when you want to make a transfer of money from your bank to another person or client in question, there is always bit of a risk. The connection is easily tampered with; and not enitrely secured. Now to address this issue, third party applications have worked more on making very secure, safe connections when it comes to these activities.

Three major advantages blockchain has is that it is highly secure, decentralized system, and automation capability.

Not only the security inside the system will ensure your transactional security; but also will be discreet, fast, and efficient too. Many business practices today have started to transition towards using this technology.

One type of currency that people have may know about it bitcoin. Bitcoin is a product of blockchain technology.

Video Games

Blockchain games will slowly make its way to the forefront of gaming. Basically the expected system is that you will own a digital asset in a game, and that digital asset will forever be yours. Limited quantity for these digital assets will only be available to incentivize on owning them. Eventually you should be able to carry around your assets from different blockchain games you play.

Like any real asset you own, you can potentially trade these for resources and continue to pursue in game rewards. Every transaction made using this system would be highly secure with seamless transaction. Making the whole experience to feel rewarding and real.

Therefore, this would make the future of gaming have a thin divide between real and virtual at this point.

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