Elon Musk Mocks Netflix After Losing 200,000 Subscribers

source cnet.com


Netflix has just announced its financial reports for the first quarter of 2022, and revealed that they are losing customers for the first time in a decade. Elon Musk immediately took advantage of this moment to quip Netflix.


In Q1 2022, Netflix revealed it had lost 200,000 subscribers due to several factors. This report immediately made the value of Netflix shares plummet by up to 23%.


Responding to this report, Musk tweeted on Twitter that the cause of Netflix’s abandonment of subscribers was the content itself, which Musk called too ‘woke’.


“Woke mind virus that makes Netflix unwatchable,” Musk said in a tweet in response to an article about Netflix’s financial statements, as quoted by The Independent, Thursday (21/4/2022).


Woke is a derogatory term often used by conservatives and the far right to criticize liberal values ​​in modern entertainment. Musk himself didn’t mention what Netflix movies or series he thought were too woke.


Musk’s tweet was immediately responded to by his followers, most of whom agreed with his opinion. ‘The woke mind virus is the biggest threat to humanity,’ wrote one Musk follower to which he replied curtly: “Yes.”


Musk also responded to a tweet by Twitter netizen @nichegamer saying that it was not only Netflix that had woken up too much but also the entire entertainment industry from movies to TV series to video games.


“Right,” Musk replied with Musk. “Could they make a sci-fi/fantasy that is at least mostly about sci-fi/fantasy?” he continued in a separate tweet.


Musk, who recently bid to buy Twitter for $43 billion, immediately received support from his followers to launch a strategy similar to Netflix.


“Elon please next buy Netflix, crap woke ruined so many good TV shows and movies,” said one netizen.


Netflix itself admits that several factors have made them lose a large number of subscribers, ranging from competitors to streaming services made by traditional entertainment companies, the war in Ukraine, and the large number of users who share passwords with other people who are not at home.


After discontinuing its service in Russia in the aftermath of an attack on Ukraine, Netflix said it had lost 700,000 subscribers. To prevent customer abandonment and attract new subscribers, Netflix plans to launch a subscription package that is cheaper but includes ads.

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