ELLE Korea Chooses IU as Women’s Pride of 2021

“IU is always a step ahead in taking us to somewhere awesome.”

ELLE Korea has chosen the nation’s little sister, IU, as the women’s pride of 2021. 

Image Source: www.koreaboo.com

Translated by IUteamstarcandy, ELLE said, “To the extent that the records and fuss surrounding her at times felt new and unexpected, IU stood tall as IU again this year”. 

IU is considered the nation’s little sister. The entire country knows her and has heard of her songs. This woman has achieved records we could not even imagine were possible. Hence, indeed, this title by ELLE is so well-deserved. 

One of those achievements includes: IU breaking the record for the artist with the most digital index on Gaon in a single calendar year (5,97B) (source: @IU_stats).

IU‘s Strawberry Moon also continues to dominate the Korean charts, reaching its 100th PAK. It is the only 15th song to reach this milestone in history, 6 of which belong to her

Strawberry Moon was also the release that no one had anticipated, a midnight KST release. This should have slowed her down on the charts and the wins, where she intends to let other small artists rise. IU is being IU, by still dominating music charts and music shows all over the country. This is how powerful she is. 

Overall, IU has had a great year with the release of a full-length album after years now. Of course, it breaks the charts too, and has never left since its release. 

In recent year-end awards, IU also took home many trophies, including Daesangs from the Melon Music Awards. She was endorsed by brands and had many magazine pictorials too, including ELLE.

Not only that, but the nation’s little sister is also a donation angel. She has donated millions of won this year to those in need. 

Since 2022 is approaching and IU is still quite unpredictable in her artistry, we hope to see another great year for her.

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