Electric Bikes: Great for Solo Trips.




Electric Bikes are improved bicycles. They are motorized and have an in-built electric motor, which helps in propelling (moving forward). They take half of the burden of pedaling and make riding easier.


It makes me remember this friend I have whose hobby is cycling. Right from those days when all that kids in my neighbourhood did was ride. From sunrise to sunset, running around was all they did. They took turns to compete and ride their bicycles, which was usually a birthday present, or a reward for good behaviour or excellent school grades from their parents or relatives. Benson was the best rider then.


He had an absolute love for cycling, and it remained his favorite thing to do, even now that he is grown and a mature man. According to him, it is a great sport and it helps one to keep fit and healthy while having fun.


I asked him recently, “how long do you plan on continuing to ride bicycles”?


He replied, “as long as I live”. “Haaaa”! I exclaimed”, “but that isn’t possible nah. You’d be old and weak”. He just laughed and said “I’ll just get an electric bike”.


Well, my good friend is actually very right. Indeed, an electric bike is perfect for an older man who doesn’t have as much strength to pedal, and the good thing is that there are various kinds available worldwide. One can make a choice according to his or her taste.


Although it is more expensive than the regular bikes, I guess the extra function(s) is worth the cost.


Not only do electric bikes grant one the opportunity to keep fit and enjoy life even while old, but it also allows people with disabilities to get the experience of cycling. It is also great for going on long-distance solo trips. So go ahead and get that electric bike to feel on top of the world while cycling!.

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