Thursday, November 25, 2021

Earl Sweatshirt Comeback with “2010”

After feet of clay and being featured on Black Noi$e album, Thebe or better known as Earl Sweatshirt is releasing new tracks called “2010“. Teaming up with Black Noi$e, this eclectic producer for almost three years has linked up with Thebe. Can even be spotted on 2019’s CAMPFLOGGNAW.

Earl Sweatshirt has lately been naming drop by The Alchemist in Anthony Fantano’s interview with him.

“Earl got something cooking up, “Al said “Can you describe his sound in this latest project? are gonna get some rap songs or maybe the same strain of feet of clay?” Anthony bounces back with another question, “No.. Nah man it’s.. I can’t even describe it” stuttering Al as he answers.

Well now that we already catching up with Earl’s latest, now we know what’s up. The electronic-based synth quickly builds up as he raps, followed by the snapping bass kick. Earl surfing tirelessly on this beat like he was hungry. We can see clearly that he’s smiling more, and more active as of late bringing us the many beautiful features as of late in Boldy James’s Bo Jackson, and This Thing of Ours by The Alchemist.

From what we can tell as of late now Earl is officially back with “2010″. As per his tradition as of late, we can hope that he’s cooking up something in the next month’s or so. And as we can tell, Earl fans couldn’t be more excited by his comeback. Let’s hope that he’s preparing something that we as fans will surely love to digest into.



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