Dwayne Johnson Making A Video Game Movie

Video game movie by Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has announced that he’s working on a major video game movie adaptation, and it’s already trending on Twitter.

Johnson spoke with Men’s Journal and told them that the adaptation should arrive before the end of 2022.

“I can’t tell you which game in particular we’re doing, but there will be an announcement this year. We’re going to bring one of the biggest, most badass games to the screen – one that I’ve played for years,” Johnson stated.

Johnson then added how the final product would be faithful to the source material.

“I’m really excited to bring it to fans around the world. Of course, we’re going to do right by our gamer friends – but really we’re just going to make a great movie.”

Now, since he hasn’t announced what game it is, people have went on to make their own guess and theories. Maybe it’s a Madden movie since he said he liked the franchise. However, there are a dozen football movies, and he’s been in Gridiron Gang.

Rollout the memes

There’s also the possibility it’s a Fortnite movie since he’s a new character in the game. Maybe it’s a WWE movie. People have made a ton of guess and jokes about it on Twitter.

“Cooking Mama: The Movie. Smell What The Rock is Cooking,” one tweet joked.

“Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Vergil. Devil May Cry – The Movie,” another said.

“The Rock cast as Iron Golem in Minecraft: The Movie.”

The list really goes on forever. If you’re interested in the memes, you can probably search it on Twitter.

After the memes, though, a good suggestion came about. Gears of War apparently started trending right after, and that got people excited. Fans would love to see a Gears movie with The Rock and Dave Bautista.

What do you think the movie will be?

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