Dungeon Reset!

Dungeon Reset

Genre : Fantasy, Game online, Survival

Here we go! Another Korean manhwa that possesses fantasy vibes.

Synopsis :

Jeong Dawoon was transmigrated to another fantasy world. He suddenly realized that this world is similar to one of the games he knew. And he was supposed to survive through “Dungeon” by using the skills given by the game. At first, there were so many players like him, the transmigrators, but as time passed by, so many people had died from the monsters and beasts in the dungeon. Unexpectedly, the male lead could somehow manage to survive by hiding in the trap. Jeong Dawoon was later left alone by other players after they fled away from those savage monsters. From this point on, it’s when our male lead showed his true potential and cleverness!

Review :

The male lead from this story is so different from any other male leads in manhwas with the same trope/genre. He was quite quick witted and also very observant! Unlike other players; He can notice very small details in the game and make use of them to fight against those monsters. That’s what makes him such a unique protagonist! He is the only one player in the game that can survive alone and he doesn’t have to rely on other people at all. Instead, the players that left him alone with the monsters would later come back and ask for his help.

I really suggest that you all try reading this manhwa! Dungeon Reset also has light novel versions in Korean and English.

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