Due to Russian-Ukrainian, European is in the middle of war

Due to Russian-Ukrainian, European is in the middle of war 

Ukraine can't take Crimea even if Russia gives it away, says Ukrainian  leader's envoy - World - TASS
Sevastopol, Crimea (source: © Sergei Malgavko/TASS)

Europe is now getting closer to war since the outbreak of the former Yugoslavia, “according to a clear warning from the EU (UE) senior diplomat. Speaking in a closed BBC journalist, the warning was conveyed regarding the current tensions with Moscow; with massive military development on the Ukrainian border.

The atmosphere in Brussels was restless. There is a real fear that Europe can go to the worst security crisis in decades. Anxiety that has not yet fully focusing on Russia & Ukraine; relating to the issue, and protracted land war between the two. Only a few people in Brussels who believe that Moscow has military power, let alone money, or people’s support in his country for the war.

The EU warned the Kremlin of “extreme consequences” if they took military action in neighboring Ukraine. Germany’s New Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock was in Kiev and Moscow said it on Monday (17/1/2022). Sweden moved hundreds of soldiers during the weekend to the strategic and important Gotland Island, located in the Baltic Sea. While Denmark strengthened his presence in the area a few days earlier.

Increased tensions have also triggered a debate in Finland and Sweden, whether they must join NATO.

An attempt to divide

But overall worries in the West—Washington, NATO, UK, and the European Union—not only the possibility of conventional war over Ukraine, but further. Namely that Moscow tried to divide and disrupt Europe, shaking the balance of continental power as desired by the Kremlin.

Launching the BBC, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told last year that the West needed to “wake up from his geopolitical sleep” about Moscow’s intention. European Union’s colleagues will say that they are now conscious and smell very strong cues. However, as often happens in terms of foreign policy, European Union leaders are still far from agreeing to determine the actions that must be taken.

Moscow denied planning a military invasion, despite massive forces on the border with Ukraine. But Russia has issued a list of security demands to NATO. The contents loudly blame the alliance because of “damaging regional security”. Vladimir Putin stressed, among others, demanding that NATO prohibit Ukraine and other former Soviet countries become members of the organization.

NATO firmly rejected the demands. Three summit held for the past week, between Russia and Western allies, failed to find a lot of understanding. What will be done by Vladimir Putin is then unclear. But the West, who believes the Kremlin invests too much in its public maneuver in Ukraine, urges Russia to retreat now, without any demands.

The risk of sanctions

The US government under Joe Biden while waiting nervously regarding the European Union’s strong decision (EU); regarding the possibility of sanctions. All depends on what Moscow took action. Will there be a military attack to Ukraine, a virtual world attack, disinformation campaign or—as considered the most likely—a mixture of hybrid attacks.

The optimistic EU estimates that the block will approve a series of possibilities for sanctions on January 24, at the meeting of the next foreign minister. But it’s far from the guarantee. A number of European Union countries are talking about the impact of sanctions on their respective economies. Brussels usually discusses the distribution of loads, but the results of negotiations may not please everyone.

There are also extensive concerns in EU countries about gas supply from Russia. Especially considering the prices that have been so high for European households this winter. Washington said he was looking for ways to reduce the impact on energy supply. He wants to accelerate the EU to approve a firm position regarding sanctions. Knowing the facts surrounding foreign policy; to reach an approval, all of the countries member must be attend to vote.

Washington insists they can no longer waste time; because the Kremlin is considering the operation of “fake flags”. “Plans to take the option to compile the pretext of the invasion”—namely blaming Ukraine for the attack that will be carried out by Russia.

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