Dublin Bikes

Dublin Bike is a citywide service available for Dublin, and similar services are available in different cities throughout the United Kingdom & Ireland of Island.


Over 68,000 long-term subscribers for the service and 8000 short-term subscribers.


Charges and subscriptions


96% of the trips taken using the Dublin bikes services were free in 2021; however, there are membership fees of €25 for 12 months and a short-term membership aimed at tourists, which is three days for five euros.


For the first 30 minutes, there is no charge for one-hour euro 0.50, two hours euro 1.50, €3.50 for three hours from these charges you may be thinking how can 96% of the services be free this is due to most people only using the bikes for less than 30 minutes.




There is no deposit for long-term members of the Dublin Bikes; the charge is €150 if the bike is not returned within 24 hours due to the presumption that the bike has been stolen.


For short-term members, there is an upfront deposit of €150; if the bike is not returned within 24 hours, the deposit is kept by Dublin bikes.


Your deposit will be returned within three days providing none of the bikes has gone missing or damaged.


How to sign up for the service


Long-term members get access to the service by signing up online.


However, short-term members must use a kiosk with credit card facilities; there is also a Dublin leap card that the citizens of Dublin use to use the Dublin bikes services and other public transport in the city.


You can also get a Dublin bikes card to link to the Dublin leap card, not for payment purposes but for easier convenience.


It’s also important to add that the Dublin leap card does not pay for the Dublin bike services is best to check before traveling to Dublin if they have simplified the process or if it is still slightly complicated; this is important because services do change.

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