Dubai’s First Robot Cop is Here.


Dubai’s first robot cop, named “Robocop”, is now patrolling the Dubai Mall!


The Robocop has been designed by the Dubai Police in collaboration with PAL Robotics, an Emirati company that specializes in designing robots for assisting people. The robot has been designed to be able to interact with humans and assist them by answering their questions or guiding them to places they want to go. It has also been programmed to speak six languages and can identify people from 25 meters away.


Robocop is equipped with a camera and can identify criminals on sight, and also allows you to pay fines for violations or other crimes instantly.


The Robocop


For now, the “Robocop” will patrol the Dubai Mall, checking for people who are loitering or breaking rules and will issue fines if necessary. Further Robocops’ are predicted to patrol Dubai, as part of Dubai’s plan to make 25% of its police force autonomous by 2030.


Some people are skeptical about this new technology, as they are not sure how reliable it is and whether it can be hacked into.


On the other hand, people are very excited about this idea as they think that this robot cop will help reduce crime in Dubai by providing an extra layer of security in malls and shopping centers.


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