Dubai is Holding its First Metaverse Wedding


All you need is love – and a proper internet connection.


On the 19th of May, Florian Ughetto and Liz Nunez will be tying the knot in virtual reality, and their guests will be able to witness this momentous occasion up close by attending the event in Decentraland.


Florian and his bride are getting ready to walk down the aisle at the most up-to-date wedding, clad in a snappy, bespoke suit and a stunning designer gown purchased on the NFT market for roughly $100. For the afterparty, guests will be taken into a secret plot to dance and celebrate.


The pair have prepared their vows, but they are also recording a backup of the exchange in case of internet problems.


“The biggest challenge we face is connectivity. If anyone’s computer glitches or has a connectivity problem, we will have an issue,” said Florian.


However, the pair are optimistic that their big day will go off without a hitch.


The two married lawfully in Georgia in 2019. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 and its tight border control measures, none of their friends and relatives from their home countries were able to attend their wedding.  This is why they decided to take their love for each other to a new world – the Metaverse!


Metaverse is a shared, open-source universe built on the foundational blockchain technologies of decentralization and transactive processing. By offering an immersive, collaborative experience, Decentraland has set out to amplify the real world and inspire creativity.


While many couples opt for the traditional wedding ceremonies, Florian and Liz know that they will have the most fun celebrating in their special way. This modern wedding will serve as an opportunity to showcase the limitless possibilities of immersive blockchain-based experiences in the future.

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