Dubai Holds Korea Brand Expo Showcase and Culture Event!


Korea Brand Expo is currently held in Habtoor Palace Dubai from 25-29 March 2022, featuring K-Pop artists in the line-up, such as VICTON, Kwon Yuri, and SF9.


Korea Brand Expo holds several events, namely the Culture Event, which include programs with the K-Pop artists in the line-up.


Programs in the Culture Event are:


• K-Pop Concert featuring VICTON (26 March, 4 PM)

• Fansign Event with VICTON (27 March, 4 PM)

• K-POP Cover Dance featuring AIGHTY9 (25-27 March)

• K-Beauty Makeup Show with Kwon Junu (25-27 MARCH)

• Lucky Draw (25-27 March)

• Korea Brand Expo Showcase (25-27 March)


Korea Brand Expo announced on Twitter (@koreabrandexpo) about their K-Pop Concert even featured VICTON.


The concert was held on Saturday (26/03) at 4 PM in DFC Mall (Dubai Festival City Mall).


Good news for fans, the concert was free and required no tickets for the concert as it was held in an open space.


Fans still need to follow COVID-19 protocols and guidelines and are prohibited from shouting and screaming and are still needed to wear face masks.


Written in the notice, fans are restricted from giving gifts, letters, or any other events to the artists as it may disrupt the flow of the event.


Fans who are interested in attending the fan sign events can win a free ticket by participating in an event.


Fans can win the chance to get a ticket for the special onsite event by taking pictures of the Korea Brand Expo showcase in person, posting the photos on social media with the hashtag #koreabrandexpo, and commenting on the Twitter post to show that they participated.

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