Drew Barrymore Admits ‘It’s Hard on Dating Apps’

Drew Barrymore has graced our screens for decades – growing from a cheeky child actor to a successful businesswoman right in front of our eyes. The 46-year-old is now getting candid about her experience on dating apps.

“I’m on a dating app and all the men are really quippy and coy. They won’t tell you who they are and what they do, and all their Instagram accounts are private,” she told the audience of The Drew Barrymore Show.

She admitted that the struggle leads her to sometimes “Google their name” because she “can’t figure out who they are on the dating app.”

“I’m trying to find out who they are and usually I resent them by the time I’ve figured out who they are because they made it this hard.”

Her research skills have improved thanks to this process as she lists off just a few of her findings.

“Recently, I found out one worked in a bakery, another one was a meditator, another one was a finance guy,” she revealed.

Despite the lack of success, Barrymore is still confident in her happiness.

“I will tell you this and don’t feel sorry for me because it’s just what happens to all us women out there – no one has connected with me.”

“It makes me feel like such a loser, and then you’re like you know what? It’s just hard out there, it’s hard out there for everybody, it’s hard in person, it’s hard on dating apps. It’s vulnerable,” she said.

The mother of two shared that while she’s “desperate in plenty areas” of her life, “dating isn’t one of them.”

“You keep trying, and you fill your life up with so much that it becomes secondary.”

“I think a cherry on top to my life at some convenient, cool, inspiring, unexpected time might be in there – but that’s all it is,” she concluded.

Recently, Barrymore revealed the cherry on top of her 16th birthday was Keanu Reeves taking her on a motorcycle ride – we agree that beats dating apps!

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