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Dragonfly: How Cool You Are!

Dragonfly is a flying insect that has a pair of large, multifaceted compound eyes, transparent wings sometimes with colored patches. There are more something special about them:

Image source: euronews.com

Wonderful life cycle

Dragonfly starts their life in the water from egg then live for several years as aquatic larvae for several years. They are often found near water like ponds, lakes, canals, streams, rivers, and swamps. The larvae of a dragonfly called a “nymph” eat the larvae of other insects and feast on small tadpoles even fish. Then they will emerge as adults that can live for 6 months. Mating in dragonflies is something different among animals. They even can take flight in a aeriel “mating circle” for several hours.

Dragonfly inspired Technology

Nature is a great source of inspiration. Dragonfly can fly almost impossibly fast and can even hover and fly backward. Scientists got some ideas from their flying skills to create the invention of technology. For example, Dragonfly-inspired Aircraft Performs Controlled Flight (Russia), Sikorsky Helicopter design, Drone of Oxford, or Delfy Explorer Technology admired them.

Dragonfly, full of history

As we know, dragonflies are the ancient insects around before the age of dinosaurs. The oldest known species of dragonfly is 320 million years old. Not only that, there are many wonderful folklore stories to explain the name of the dragonfly. In Romanian, the dragonfly was translated to Devil’s Horse or Devil’s fly begins with a story about Saint George’s horse becoming a giant flying insect when cursed by the devil. For the Zuni tribe (American folklore), dragonflies are a symbol of spring and a good harvest. And, in Swedish folklore, the dragonfly is called Skams besman means Devil’s Steelyard. Until today, Scandinavian countries treat dragonflies as holy animals.

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