Friday, December 3, 2021

Down Syndrome

This clinical condition was first described by Langdon Down in 1866. Syndrome is a group of symptoms which consistently occur together . Hence the name Down Symptoms. These children are typically of short stature and have distinctive facial features. They have flattened face, almond shaped eyes with a fold in the eyelid. A protruding tongue, with fissure in the tongue. The cause for down syndrome is the presence of an extra copy of chromosome 21. It is ‘Trisomy 21.’ The extra chromosome most often comes from the mother’s egg. So, when her homologous pair 21st chromosome fails to separate during meiosis. The health of the male sperm may also be involved. About 1 in 1000 infants is born with this abnormality.


The probable reason for Down Syndrome is related to parental age at the time of conception. Proper care and training can help these children to read and write. They are generally cheerful. So, they learn self help skills and routine tasks.

  • Its good to praise them when they learn or do something new
  • It is important to speak fluently or clearly, as they learn from you.
  • To get good command on language, its always good to play, sing or read books.
  • Showing visuals is better than oral instruction.
  • Always communicate
  • Set an time table and follow it.
  • Give them healthy good and see if there is any changes in mood.
  • Regular check-up is always important. 
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