Don’t Miss Out on Watching Disney Encanto in Your Leisure Time

Disney Encanto:

This year, Disney has released several new movies, both animated and action. One of the movies that have been released globally is Disney Encanto. Some people, especially Disney fans, have prepared their money and booked the ticket already. Some of the people who already watched Encanto really enjoyed the movie and I can try to convince you “why”.

  1. Amazing graphic
Isabella in Encanto:

Disney never really makes us bored with how they try to use the best graphic style year by year. Every frame in the animated scenes is so beautiful, smooth, and fantastic. The scenes have also some visual effects that you couldn’t believe how great they are, as well as how the character rigged or gestured in the scene. Conclusively, all of them are wonderful in one unity.

2. A lot of catchy songs you might like

The Music of Encanto:

Music is one art that makes the world become bright and wonderful. Disney, especially when making their animated movies, rarely ever to not add music in their movies. For instance, instrumental music like Running on The Raindrop by James Howard on Raya And The Last Dragon or The Surface Pressure by Jessica Darrow on Disney Encanto. Both of the songs are really nice to be listened to. Oh, I almost forgot! What Else Can I Do by Stephanie Beatriz and The Family Madrigal by Olga Merediz are catchy and your hips can’t help but dance during the songs.

3. One of the best moral messages conveyed in the movie

The Madrigal Families in Encanto:

Family is the closest relationship where people learn everything and grow up together. In family, we feel love, support, up-and-down, and care. Disney Encanto is one of the Disney animated movies that make the conflicts in the story focused on family. Mental health is one of the trending topics around the world and it has been brought up in the movie as well. Because some teenagers, kids, grown-ups face mental issues mostly with their families, the main heroine character in Disney Encanto, Mirabel, has suffered the issue along with her relatives too.

Those reasons have already spoiled the movie too much. Thus, if you are curious, don’t forget to watch it with your families and enjoy watching it!

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