Don’t Know What to Eat? Here Are a Few Ideas

There will always be days when you have absolutely no idea what to eat. On days like that, you automatically want something quick and manageable.


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These things can be found almost anywhere now. Go to a Drive-thru, order take-out, or just dine-in. There are a variety of burger joints that have better quality ingredients than your usual burger places.


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With pizza, you can have the option to want to be full from eating it or to just not have an empty stomach, that is by picking a thin crust or a thick crust. For a simple yet filling option, go for a cheesy marinara, the tanginess from the sauce gives you some sort of spark to your tongue and the cheese pull is always satisfying.


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This Mexican dish is healthy and gets the job done in making you full. Although, if you add extra sour cream and guacamole, it may exceed your calorie limit. But if you don’t care and just want to live, add that extra goodness.


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Any type of noodles will satisfy you, the dry kind and the broth kind, don’t pick, just say yes to both options. Get some pickles or kimchi to cleanse the palate. The instant kinds nowadays are so delicious but be careful not to eat too much of them. What you have to pay attention to is the level of hygiene of the food, make sure your food is hygienic and healthy, and remember not to consume a lot of junk food.

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