Donda Gets Its Deluxe Release, Adding New Tracks and Features

Ye or Kanye West is releasing the revised track version of his latest album by packaging it into a Deluxe album. Just like The Life of Pablo (2016) who got revised records session, tracklisting, and a la director’s cut style of release. Donda (2021) now got the same treatment of the past. And the verdict of the track-listing wise, it’ll take a while to get used to.

Luckily is an entirely separate album on its own from the original, unlike TLOP who got axed and revised multiple times. Ye really did a number on us again & again by sending out these kinds of movement. As cited from Drink Champs by Revolt TV’s channel interview on Kanye.

He got himself a lot of off-shoots confessions here and there. Including the lovable backpack-era of his, that’s so prolific. Being a part of a gimmick just to garner the fans attention. Ye has just like putting off airs like a routine. To each his own energy and social choice, nevertheless, he is still one of the best that ever did it.

Donda is the most accessible, and the most slow-burners out from Ye’s discography. Mixed of classics gospel Ye, skeletal blunt bass, and weird typical Ye’s flow. The newly added tracks surely put a different kind of flavour. But the spin on the tracklisting was obsolete at best.

The magic that was there on the original is missing. Maybe that was intentional or is it just to mess with the coherency, or the ebb and flow. New tracks are featured Young Thug, Kid Cudi, and Andre 3000’s verses that were allegedly removed.


You can listen to the song here!

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