Dog Name Use: Dos and Don’ts

What does the name of a dog imply about the animal? To put it simply, when we call our dog, we want it to pay attention and respond by looking at us and/or coming to us. We can discuss a lot of this from a humanistic standpoint.

To put it another way, a dog sees its name as a directive to pay attention.

Here are some suggestions on how to make it so that your dog responds to your name since most dog owners desire it.

The key is to predominantly utilize your dog’s name in positive contexts.

By doing this, we train the dog to associate its “name” with a good emotion. This motivates the dog to come when called as fast as possible in any circumstance. as quickly as possible in any situation.


  • Say your dog’s name and give a treat to your dog when the dog responds to its name.
  • Say your dog’s name and give a toy and/or play with your dog when the dog responds to its name.
  • Say your dog’s name and pet your dog, give it attention, a massage, or any other pleasant touch, when the dog responds to its name.


  • Avoid calling your dog by name while disciplining or expressing displeasure with their misbehavior. The best course of action would be to answer gently, and to do this, utilize noises or brief words other than the dog’s name. If you keep shouting and screaming your dog’s name, you’ll quickly notice that every time you say it, the dog flees and may even hide under the table or somewhere else safe.
  • When you are unable to capture your dog’s attention, avoid repeatedly calling its name. It won’t take long for your dog to develop the association that “Name” equals disregard owner.t thanks to such frequent repetition.

If you’re adopting a dog, you can also decide to modify the name that the previous owners gave him. As I’ve said before, a dog’s “name” has some sort of significance to the animal. The name is associated with either a good, bad, or even tragic experience for the dog. We have no clue what the dog is thinking when it hears its name or what is prompted by it since we are unable to know how the dog’s name has been utilized by the prior owners.

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