Dodge Offers Multicolor $8000 Wrap for Last Gen Challengers


Can’t decide on the perfect color for your third generation Challenger? Why not all of them? For a limited time, Dodge is offering a wrap that features all 14 available colors for the new Challenger.



For a price of $3700, this wrap by 3M can be applied to any variant of the Challenger, regardless of year. It is also applicable to Challengers with the factory-stock widebody. The colors featured are White Knuckle, Granite, Destroyer Grey, Triple Nickel, Torred, Octane Red, Sinamon Stick, Go Mango, F8 Green, Sublime, B5 Blue, Frostbite, and finishes with Plum Crazy, going from back to front. Some of these colors, like the iconic Plum Crazy and Sublime Green, were last seen in 2019, so you won’t miss out on those; well, somewhat. Make no mistake though, Dodge won’t apply this wrap for you. You’re only buying the wrap, not the application service. Dodge recommends going to a local 3M shop for the process, so there’s a hint. We suppose automotive wrap/paint specialists will have no problem applying it either. Fancy an official way to stand out? It’s available on for a short time.



This isn’t an original idea by any means; it was inspired by now-defunct manufacturer Plymouth, which posted an ad for one of its most renowned models, the Barracuda, in all the available shades. We thought of VW’s Harlequin at first, but it’s an interesting piece of history. Quite nice of Dodge to call back to an interesting piece of muscle car history.



p dir=”ltr”>(Images sourced from Dodge. Paint Chip ‘Cuda brochure sourced from Wellborn Muscle Car Museum.)

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