Dodge Challenger ‘Black Ghost’ Edition: A Homage to a Woodward Street Racing Legend

The sixth special edition of Dodge’s Charger/Challenger models was recently unveiled; a homage to a certain 1970 Challenger. Dubbed the ‘Black Ghost’, it is part of the ‘Last Call’ series, seven special editions of the two models that will have a limited production run, the FCA’s way of parting with their modern performance muscle cars.

The base of this limited run challenger is the widebody SRT Hellcat Redeye with an additional 10 horsepower to its 6.2-liter supercharged V8 that makes 797 horses, totaling to 807 hp. Painted in Pitch Black, it also features an awkwardly placed gator skin roof decal mimicking the vinyl roofs that were used in many models in the 70s, including the original Challenger that this was based off. Up front, there is a chrome ‘Dodge’ badge.

The back has a white horizontal stripe and a spoiler. The interior has ‘Black Ghost’ badging and has Laguna colored leather seats. This limited run Challenger is a tribute to a particular first generation, which made a name for itself in the drag strips of Detroit. Originally owned by police officer Godfrey Qualls, the car has a 426 Hemi paired to a four-speed manual. With 425 hp and 664 Nm, it won many of the races and simply disappeared into the night, earning its title. Godfrey passed away in 2015, leaving the legacy of his pride and joy to his son Gregory, who still owns it to this day.


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p class=”MsoNormal”>While criticism has been made for the attempt at a vinyl roof and the fact that it uses a supercharged V8 while the real black ghost was naturally aspirated, it’s certainly great of Dodge to acknowledge a legend amongst many of their performance models that aspired a great part of America’s fascination with muscle cars, which will soon no longer be the way it was.

(Images sourced from Dodge and Gregory Qualls, current owner of the original Black Ghost)

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