Documentaries For Women, About Women, That You Need To See


Women’s History month might be well and truly over for this year, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate half of our population any time, anywhere. And what better time to focus on women than in the face of the Roe vs. Wade media storm that has become a focal point in recent weeks.


These four documentaries are just a taste of the woman-based history and identity that we all deserve to know.


The Principles Of Pleasure On Netflix: The Sex-Ed Lesson We All Need | Feminism In India
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The Principles of Pleasure

A new Netflix hit that explores the in-depth relationship woman have with their bodies. Nothing is taboo here and sex talk is encouraged. Featuring interviews with therapists, scientists, and women just like us, The Principles of Pleasure is a snapshot of the things we should have learned in Health class, with all the support we could need or want. Only 3 episodes long, it is an easy watch and one you shouldn’t miss.


Watch Reversing Roe | Netflix Official Site
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Reversing Roe

Current events would dictate that this is a must-watch. Woman’s history has always been tumultuous, with steps forward and back in the women’s rights movement, and Reversing Roe highlights the antiquated thinking that threatens our very lives. Showing both those for and against Roe vs. Wade, side by side, it is a comprehensive look into one of our most recent, and prevalent gender divides; reproductive health.


Watch Knock Down The House | Netflix Official Site
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Knock down the house

Showing an unfamiliar and exciting new look at female politicians, it’s time to get a better insight into the Ladies it is all about; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Amy Vilela, Paula Jean Swearengin, and Cori Bush. In a feel-good political documentary that follows four Democratic women who ran for Congress; the underdog is the star. These four women had two things in common, political disharmony had upset their lives, and they ran for office in a bid to change politics. This is the women’s history that we need to know.


Is '9to5: The Story of a Movement' on Netflix? Where to Watch the Documentary - New On Netflix USA
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9-5 the Story of a Movement

Women can do anything they set their minds to, which is proven in this documentary about the Boston female office workers in the 70s who made the American workplace what it is today for women. These are the woman that paved the way for us, fighting back against Sexual Harassment, gender discrimination, and fairer pay. As inspiring as the Director hoped, it shows that we got to where we are now through the blood, sweat, and tears of those that came before us.


While it can be hard to feel encouraged about woman’s rights currently with Roe vs Wade dominating the news and sending fear through women everywhere, we deserve to remember our victories, be inspired by the media made for us, and strive for greatness. These four Documentaries give us back our history and encourage us going forward.

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