Do Cats Bury or Not Their Poop?


Even though we raise cats as pets, they are still felines with wild instincts.

Outside the walls of our home felines have two reasons when they cover their feces; One of them is to hide their scent from predators. 


In the case of indoor cats, it is that they are being submissive to us (the owners). When felines don’t cover their poop, it is because they are marking their territory and keeping other animals away from “their space” as with urine. When domestic cats leave their poop uncovered, they are showing off their freedom and comfort in that space. As well as exhibiting “they are in charge of the house”. 


In the book “Catlore” by Desmond Morris, he explains this act from the felines. “In an undisturbed home, all domestic cats see themselves as subservient to their human owners, so under normal circumstances, all domestic cats use litter trays or bury their feces in the garden.”


Following the ASPCA information, we can say that one of the reasons for cats not burying their feces is that there is another, more possessive cat in the household.


Cats are known to be independent and authoritarian animals in the home, but the other reason cats do not cover their feces in the litter box at home is that it could be too dirty.


For them, it is necessary to have a clean space where they can relieve themselves. 

Both urine and feces are waste produced by “pheromones”.


According to Medical News, pheromones are “secreted outside the body, and influence the behavior of another individual”.


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